Flyer swims for festive fishing fun!

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We reveal over 130 different swims on rivers, canals and commercials that are always home to good numbers of fish in the depths of winter. The Christmas holidays should be a time of enjoyment, with plenty of fish going in our nets – so, for now, why not visit one of these venues, where you’re nailed-on for a decent bag, whatever the weather...


Canal Pool is stuffed with carp, ide and barbel, and a good numbers of them occupy peg 25 in winter. Fish maggots a metre off the far-bank cover to find the bites. Silverfish dominate on Arrow, and maggots down the middle of pegs 2-4 will help you catch 40lb-plus netfuls of ide and skimmers. Carp to double figures dominate on Horseshoe, and you’ll keep bites coming by rotating between fishing towards the aerator and open water in peg 29 with bomb and bread.

Tel: 07944 191915


Peg 51 is on a point, and that puts you further out into the lake than most of those around it. Skimmers will respond to a cage feeder with dead maggots, and you can expect the odd big F1 and carp to show too. Peg 124, at the other end of Barston, is often described as the best peg in the land, especially when you are after the big carp. It is the end peg on the road bank, giving you acres of space to search with a Method or Hybrid feeder.

Tel: 01675 444890


The ducks and geese that live by the scout hut on the Mather Lane stretch are fed daily with bread, and the fish congregate just under the surface to feed upon the scraps that sink. Roach are the dominant species, and so offering a 6mm punch of bread over small nuggets of liquidised feed will keep the float going under and produce double-figure netfuls.

Tel: 01942 604125


A cold snap will pack the bream and skimmers into pegs 4-7 on Scotland Pond. These are the deepest swims on the lake, and a Method feeder with dead maggot hookbaits or expander pellets over micros on the long pole will put you on the right track. Avoid groundbait, as this draws in the small silvers, which in turn will attract pike.

Settle down on pegs 16-22 or 42-48 on the widest part of Grendon Pond and you’re guaranteed to have fish in front of you. Fish the bomb, Method or cage feeder for carp and skimmers.

Tel: 07787 148306


There are hundreds of swims on this huge complex but peg 25 on Willows is the one that any local will tell you to head for. It gives you a vast array of options, with an island within pole range, open water in front and a channel between the island to the right.

Carp and F1s shoal up here to shelter from the elements. Peg six on Lous is red-hot too, with a small Method feeder o