“i can’t believe just how light this pole is!”

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Dan Webb recently got his hands on Daiwa’s new Tournament S pole – but would it live up to its all-rounder status?

ONE OF the first things I learned when I started working for Angling Times was that, despite the natural water side of the sport now being considerably smaller than the commercial side, those anglers who fish big lakes, reservoirs, rivers and canals are by far the most vocal!

Generate just that little bit too much commercial fishery content in print (or online, for that matter) and the complaints will flood in.

Even if you do get the balance right, most natural water anglers will continue to tell you there’s still far too much bias towards commercial tackle.

The change in our sport is noticeable in the magazines we read and the tackle we buy. The term ‘roach pole’ died well over 20 years ago and, not long after that, the chances of finding a dedicated silverfish pole were almost zero.

All top-end poles are now ‘all-rounders’ or dedicated carp poles, while those in the budget category are almost exclusively built and promoted around providing raw power.

Daiwa, though, has now decided to do something a little bit different.

The Tournament S is not a silverfish pole as such, more an all-rounder with a slight bias toward natural water fishing.

It is similar in price to the Airity Pro, which is another all-rounder, but with commercial water fishing very much in mind.

The emphasis on the Airity Pro was brute strength and rigidity, but the Tournament S focuses a little more on the qualities that a natural water or silverfish angler wants – the most obvious being weight (or lack of it!).

Although costing nearly £3,000 less than the flagship Daiwa Air Z Pro pole, the Tournament S is 25g lighter at 16m, making it the lightest pole that Daiwa do.

That 25g might not sound like a lot, but it blew me away when I first picked it up. It’s the kind of weight most pole anglers can only dream of at 16m.

Not that it’s a weak pole either – it has a 20 elastic rating with a Power kit fitted, and is more than capable of handling big carp, as long as you take a little care when playing them.

In contrast, its sister pole, the Airity Pro, allows the angler to verge on the reckless, such is its brute strength!

So which pole is the stiffer – the Tournament S or the similarly-priced Airity Pro? The latter’s additional strength allows it to be slightly stiffer, but with the Tournament S being lighter and crea