Winners and losers of 2023

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Supply issues eased but weren’t resolved, EVs moved into the mainstream and inflation pained the nation. This was another challenging year for car makers. Which fared best?

The SMMT’s forecast for 2023 UK car sales is 1.89 million. That’s a 17% improvement on last year, although it would still only take the market back to where it was in 1994.


2022 share: 0.10%

2023 share: 0.08%

The Tonale crossover arrived to give sales a big boost, but all that happened is Giulia and Stelvio sales fell accordingly.


2022 share: 0.02%

2023 share: 0.02%

Alpine is bravely keeping the flame alive for lightweight, driver-focused sports cars, but the torrents of SUVs and EVs aren’t helping.


2022 share: 0.07%

2023 share: 0.05%*

Given that the DBX SUV is now fully established, Aston should be doing better. It’s still losing money, while DB12 production difficulties are limiting sales.


2022 share: 6.82%

2023 share: 7.26%

After five years of problems, from Euro 6 to chip shortages, Audi is finally powering ahead. The A3 could finish up as the best-selling C-segment hatch.


2022 share: 0.10%

2023 share: 0.07%

Sales worldwide and in the UK are down a bit, but it still has a profit margin of more than 20%, as each car it does sell is more customisable than ever.


2022 share: 6.73%

2023 share: 5.75%

BMW has lost significant share. It says it’s focused on profit, not volume. The most surprising fact is that the 4 Series now outsells the 3 Series.


2022 share: 1.76%

2023 share: 1.63%

Its best-seller is the C3, yet that’s in only 10th position of the B-segment hatchbacks.

The Aircross SUVs barely count as even mid-table performers.


2022 share: 0.89%

2023 share: 1.33%

The Formentor and Born are big successes. VW loves Cupra: its cars are made in Seat factories but sold at much higher prices.


2022 share: 1.69%

2023 share: 1.44%

A surprising dip this year, but don’t bet against Dacia: the Bigster SUV and Spring EV will arrive in 2024 to boost sales.


2022 share: 0.23%

2023 share: 0.13%

DS was the future once. Now it struggles to sell more than 1000 examples per year of any single model. A decade ago, the 3 supermini sold 20,000 a year.


2022 share: 0.06%

2023 share: 0.05%*

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