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Samsung takes the smart fridge to gargantuan new heights


The weather will surely soon improve, so be ready to snap up this absolute monster of fridge freezer. Unveiled at CES and rolling out in 2023 (price TBC), the Bespoke 4-Door Flex With Family Hub+ is Samsung’s latest weapon in the race to build the world’s largest cooling device. It’s what people used to call an ‘American-style fridge’, presumably because of the perception that Americans eat an awful lot of food.

As the name suggests, this ‘bespoke’ appliance can be finished in a colour or design of your choice, but that is rendered slightly moot by the fact that much of the front panel is taken up with a touchscreen. This is actually a 32-inch, bezel-free, HD panel – that ’s twice as big as the last Family Hub fridge freezer, and probably about the same size and resolution as the TV in your front room had, not so very long ago!

As the name also suggests – if you are good at lateral thinking – the 4-Door Flex also has a flexible interior space, with shelves that slide and fold away, should you need to house a large cake, suckling pig or similar.

Family Hub+ is the name Samsung gives to the screen and smart homerelated features. In fact, they actually describe this as an ‘all-in-one communication and entertainment hub’, making it perfect for people who you will always find in the kitchen at parties – and, indeed, at other times.

That big, 32-inch panel boasts a ‘new larger dashboard’, not surprisingly, so that you can ‘conveniently experience SmartThings services’. The idea is that your fridge becomes both a place to watch TV – its TV Plus app now of fers more than 190 free channels – and a digital frame for viewing all your Google Photos – and also a command hub for all your home’s smart cameras, smart ovens, smart washing machines and so forth.

Thanks to picture-in-picture tech, you can even do both at once – monitoring for burglars or the postman, or checking that your Yorkshire puddings are rising nicely, without having to take a break from watching your favourite TV shows.

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