The uphill pitch shot?

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A perched green is one of the golf course architect’s favourite ways of protecting the hole. As a consequence, an uphill pitch – as here, on Pitlochry’s dastardly short par-4 15th – is one of golf ’s more common shots. With the putting surface so much higher than the ball, the shot asks questions of ball flight and distance control; and if you come up with the wrong answers, the hole can become costly. Use these pointers to make sure this shot doesn’t derail your round.

GARY CASEY Pitlochry GC Professional and Coach at Pitlochry Golf Academy



Taking your medicine begins with club selection. While it’s tempting to choose more loft in the hope of a more vertical landing angle, your prime goal here is to get the ball up the slope and on to the green. So whichever wedge you’re tempted to use, choose one stronger – e.g. pitch over gap. This is even more important when playing off an upslope, which is a natural launch enhancer.