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All About History Great Explorers

All About History Great Explorers

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About All About History Great Explorers

For centuries, dragons, monsters and sea serpents lurked on the edges of maps, inhabiting unknown and uncharted territory and threatening the safety of every bold traveller launching an expedition. Great Explorers delves into the stories and legends of history’s greatest adventurers, to shine a light on their remarkable achievements – and their failings. Learn about the Medieval voyagers who managed to push boundaries without the benefit of modern technology, such as the Viking Leif Erikson reaching the coast of North America, and Ibn Battuta documenting the Islamic world in a 30-year journey. Trace the origins of the Age of Discovery, a time when European sailors embarked on dangerous voyages to the New World and discovered new routes to the Old. Finally, explore the gruelling modern journeys that took exploration to a whole new level, including Scott and Amundesen’s race to the South Pole, and Neil Armstrong’s monumental ‘one small step’. Packed with incredible images and insightful maps, this is the perfect companion for anyone with a case of historic wanderlust.

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