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Duke of Edinburgh: A Life in Pictures

Duke of Edinburgh: A Life in Pictures

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About Duke of Edinburgh: A Life in Pictures

"In the early afternoon on 9 April, Buckingham Palace released a statement to announce that the Duke of Edinburgh had passed away that morning. The news spread like wildfire, with an international outpouring of both grief and surprise. For years Philip had suffered from bouts of ill health, but he’d always recovered quickly and returned to his royal duties without complaint. Only recently Philip had been released from hospital after a month-long stay following heart surgery. For many, Philip’s return to Windsor Castle signified that the worst was over, and that the Duke would recover in time to celebrate his 100th birthday in June. Tragically, just 24 days after leaving hospital, Philip passed away. Tributes to Prince Philip poured in, not just from politicians and charities, but from those whose lives the Duke of Edinburgh had touched in various meaningful ways. As the days passed, Philip’s children and grandchildren released their own statements about how he had enriched their lives, with the Duke of Cambridge crediting Philip for “his enduring presence well into my own adult life – both through good times and the hardest days,” and reminiscing about his “infections sense of adventure as well as his mischievous sense of humour” that so delighted William’s children. Philip was indeed renowned for his intrepid and brave nature throughout his life. In this commemorative publication, discover in pictures the remarkable story of Prince Philip, from his tumultuous childhood to his military career and devotion to his wife, Queen Elizabeth II. His service to his queen and his country will not be soon forgotten. "

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