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Explore History

Explore History

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About Explore History

Explore History Magazine: Travel to heritage sites, castles, museums and ancient wonders From sacred sites and ancient ruins to majestic palaces and epic castles, Explore History is the travel magazine for people who live and breathe history. Every issue of Explore History offers incredible adventures, awesome photography and insider insights from top travel writers that will inspire your next daytrip, city break or once-in-a-lifetime experience. What you’ll find every issue: * City Guide: What to see and where to go experience the atmosphere of the past * In the Footsteps: Discover the incredible places that defined the life of a famous figure * Conservation and Archaeology: How you can play your part in preserving the world’s endangered treasures * Miniguides: Quick travel tips and inspiration to spice up any holiday travel, adventure, archaeology, conservation, city break, vacation, heritage, holiday, history, historical, ruins, castles, museums

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