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In & Around Covent Garden

In & Around Covent Garden

Enjoy In & Around Covent Garden magazine and unlimited access to over 6,000 magazines on your mobile and tablet. All the magazines you can read for just £9.99 a month.

About In & Around Covent Garden

If you love Covent Garden, you’ll love us In and Around Covent Garden magazine. Whether you work in, live in, shop in, or just enjoy being in London’s Covent Garden this is for you! Packed with fascinating features and gorgeous images from the worlds of fashion, food, film, health, beauty, theatre and so much more – all centered about and showcasing Covent Garden BRANDS, EXPERIENCES and most importantly PEOPLE – that all add up to make Covent Garden the biggest and best market not just in London, but the United Kingdom too. It’s an unique setting for thriving business and creativity in a vibrant community. Each business or experience is identified on our CENTRAL MAP – if you find something you’re interested in – use the map – to quickly and simply find your way!

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