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Nikon Advanced Handbook

Nikon Advanced Handbook

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About Nikon Advanced Handbook

"The Nikon Advanced Handbook is your 212-page guide to using your Nikon DSLR in more exciting ways. Now that you’ve mastered the basics of photography, it’s time to stretch yourself. Inside you’ll find all you need to know to really feel inspired and confident to take amazing photographs of a range of subjects. Discover how to improve and expand your repertoire of camera techniques – from taking slow shutter photos with ND filters to mastering your camera’s histogram. See how to use a range of camera settings, tools and accessories, including a whole section dedicated to flash. Follow our experts’ tips for shooting smooth seascapes, vivid action, interesting macro images, making movies and more. We even guide you through setting up your own portrait studio and taking professional-quality wedding photographs. Inside you'll find… - Outdoor Camera Skills - Broaden your horizons - Say hi to a bluer sky! - Control bright skies - Shoot sunsets successfully - Take it slow with seascapes - How to get your landscapes sharp - Better bird shots - Get multiple exposures - Shoot wide open - Shoot the Northern lights - Shoot movies - Create a time-lapse - Discover the drama of black and white - Automate your ISO - Use histograms for perfect exposures - Play with fire! - Shoot the breeze - Take things steady - Indoor Photo Projects - Spin your own Spirograph effect - Backlight your macro - Shoot super-sharp close-ups - Make a splash with high-speed flash - Go crazy with colour - Get started with fine-art nudes - Magnify your subject - Set the mode for U! - Master Flash Fill faces with flash - What is Auto FP? - CTO is go! - Spotlight on snoots - Go slow with flash - Perfect the strobist look - Make bounce flash easy - Ring flowers with light - Shoot stunning studio portraits - Put speed into a shot - Freeze action with flash - The pop-up way to strobist drama - Arty lighting with gels - Shoot a shadow portrait - Close encounters of the natural kind - Whatever the weather - Take it real slow - Welcome to shooting stars - The actor’s portfolio - Food glorious food - Weddings - Creative Photography Degrees of separation - Create a look - Really change viewpoint - Become a colourist "

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