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The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Home

The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Home

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About The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Home

Ever watched one of the many popular television shows about self-build and thought: ‘one day, I’d love to do that’? Is there one beautiful, individual home in your village or town that stands out from the rest that makes you want to create something just as good (if not better)? Well, you’re not alone — surveys suggest that around 1 in 3 of the UK population would love to build their own home one day. The problem is that only around 11,000 families go on to create their dream home each year. So what happens to the millions of people who never get to make their dream a reality? There are four key hurdles that have been identified — finding land (the right land, at an affordable price); raising the finance; cutting through the increasing amount of red tape that surrounds building homes; and the fear of things going wrong (with architects and, of course, builders). This book aims to show you how to tackle each of those potential problems and go on to successfully build the home of your dreams — on time, on budget and (largely) hassle-free. We’ll look at answering all of those questions you might have: how much will it cost? How long will it take? What is the build process? And much more. It really is the ultimate beginner’s guide.

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