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World's Greatest Heritage Sites

World's Greatest Heritage Sites

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About World's Greatest Heritage Sites

Our world is a truly incredible place, full of awe-inspiring landmarks and amazing areas of outstanding natural beauty, historical intrigue and cultural significance. While many are well-known around the world, there are others that may not be quite as famous but are no less important. In 1978, UNESCO began putting together a list of World Heritage Sites deemed worthy of legal protection and thought to be of outstanding value to humanity. Over 40 years later, the list stands at more than 1,100 sites from over 160 countries. In 101 Greatest Heritage Sites, we’ve selected the very best the world has to offer, from the natural wonders of the Grand Canyon and the Great Barrier Reef to the historical and incredible cultural experiences of the Palace of Versailles, the Forbidden City and Machu Picchu. Start learning about these amazing places and begin planning that next trip of a lifetime.

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