iCreate Magazine

If Apple made a magazine, it would be iCreate. The Mac, iPad and iPhone are the most powerful creative tools in the world, giving users unbridled potential to make everything from bespoke family albums and pop songs to engaging presentations and movies. Packed with features and easy to follow step-by-step tutorials, iCreate thrives on helping Apple fans get the most from their devices. What you’ll find in every issue: • Features to help you make the most of the latest Apple technology, apps, accessories and software. • Creative and technical tutorials showing you how to accomplish tricky tasks and learn new skills. • A Genius Bar where you can get Mac, iPad and iPhone answers from the team direct. • FileSilo – all tutorial files and assets needed to get the most out of each issue are available to download for print and digital readers. Introducing FileSilo Every reader now has access to FileSilo.co.uk the ultimate asset bank for every tutorial file and free resource from each issue of your magazine. • Updated continually with cool resources • Helps to keep your resources organised • A rapidly growing library, updated with every new issue • Browse and access content from anywhere Go to www.filesilo.co.uk/icreate to start downloading your FileSilo resources today.

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