30 ways to eat better in 2024

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Start the year the way you mean to go on. Helen Foster rounds up the latest trends, studies and expert advice to give you the tools to eat healthily, for life


Fill up on these trending health foods, from alternative heart healthy oils to a favourite of 1970s dieters, cottage cheese…

Already a sensation on TikTok, with foodies deploying it in dips, spreads and even ice cream, it’s the calcium in cottage cheese that gets the expert seal of approval. Jenna Hope, author of How to Stay Healthy (Piatkus, £14.99), says: ‘We need three to four portions of calcium-rich food a day. That might be cottage cheese, but also almonds, tahini, calcium-set tofu and fortified foods.’ Try the trend with our pancake recipe on page 19.

High in protein and nutrients, pea is the plant milk that compares most favourably to dairy, say researchers at the US Food and Drug Administration. Try Mighty High Protein Pea Milk Alternative 1L (£1.90, sainsburys.co.uk).

Pistachio paste is the cool ingredient on Instagram. But, while croissants oozing with green gorgeousness make for a tasty weekend treat, you’re better off reaching for whole nuts instead. Why?

Well, ‘unprocessed pistachios are one of the lowest calorie nuts and second only to almonds for their protein content,’ says Lucia Stansbie of foodpowernutrition.com.

Plant-based eating is here to stay, but fake meats will become less popular, predicts the Whole Foods Market’s 2024 trends prediction report. ‘Fake meats are, more often than not, ultra-processed,’ says nutritionist Sophie Trotman (sophietrotmannutrition.com). ‘Instead, pick protein-rich whole foods, like lentils, chickpeas or black beans.’

This Japanese star has exploded in popularity due to its moreish flavour and the trend for fermented foods (miso is made from fermented soya beans). Try it in our salmon recipe on page 20.

Olives are currently in short supply, so go for avocado oil instead, which is good for heart health. Try Inspired to Cook Avocado Oil 250ml (£3, sainsburys.co.uk).

Miso salmon and vegetable traybake

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