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All I want for Christmas is some new run tech…


Strike the pose

This is a great way to track and analyse your performance during strength and conditioning classes or to capture your progress over time. Just pop your phone or tablet on the mount and let the tech do the rest. The device rotates up to 360 degrees and zooms in and out to keep you in the frame at all times. With six different rotation speeds, it will help capture smooth, seamless footage completely hands-free and it boasts a 12-hour battery, too. £239.99,

Gettin’ grippy with it

It’s hard to know if a yoga mat is as grippy as it claims to be on the sales bumph. Fear not, because this one from Ladina Yoga really is; with a natural rubber base and a top layer that’s made of anti-slip material, it’s fab for postures and stretches and it’s also comfy enough to really sink into your shavasana. The alignment markings on the top also make minute adjustments easier.


Rockin’ Robin

With secure hooks and open-ear comfort, the OneOdio Open Rock S should be on everyone’s Christmas List. They make sure you stay safe on your run while not compromising on a high-quality sound experience and decent bass. They also feature four noise-cancelling microphones that filter out noise while you’re on a call. Load up those Christmas hits and get out there! £89.99,

Leaving on a jet plane?

Endurance runners need to pay particular care with their teeth – sugary gels and snacks will put miles in your legs but can play havoc with your dental hygiene.

The Ordo Charging Travel Case and Toothbrush is a packing essen

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