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25 July 2023

Cosmopolitan is the world’s number one women's magazine brand – with 79 editions worldwide, if you put all our readers together they would make the 16th largest country on Earth. Cosmopolitan is the world’s number one women’s magazine brand – with 60 editions worldwide. At the heart of every feature, blog, tweet or video is the ethos that Cosmo must inspire women to be the best they can be – on their terms. Whether that’s by empowering them through campaigns, giving them the confidence to ask for that pay rise, offering honest relationship advice, or helping them to hunt down those heels, Cosmo engages with our reader on a deeper emotional level than any other brand, providing solid, intelligent advice she really trusts. As a result, Cosmopolitan is the most widely read monthly magazine in the UK – one which is as in touch with its readers now, as it was when the magazine launched in 1972; a fact we’re very proud of. Cosmo’s a lifeline for ambitious, go-getting women, mainly aged between 18 and 35. Cosmopolitan’s reader loves fashion and beauty and wants to know the smartest ways to make them work for her. She values her relationships with her friends and family, and wants to make the most of her hard-earned career. She might not always feel 100% confident – about her body, her relationships or her life – but that’s where Cosmo comes in. The magazine has a combined print and digital circulation of 258,448 and its website,, engages more than 6.5m unique users per month, not counting over a million obsessed Twitter and Facebook followers. Our highly successful events – careers masterclasses, fashion catwalks, the Ultimate Women of the Year Awards – take Cosmo off the page or screen and into readers’ lives. Wherever the Cosmo woman is, so are we – and no brand knows her better.

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