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Practical Fishkeeping

Practical Fishkeeping

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About Practical Fishkeeping

"Practical Fishkeeping (PFK) is the world’s foremost magazine for people who keep, or aspire to keep, fish – whether in tanks or ponds. All our features are written by experts in their fields, ensuring you get the very best advice possible on fishkeeping and fish species, as well as creating and maintaining fantastic aquatic environments for them to live in. Inside you’ll find: •The latest aquarium equipment reviewed and recommended •Tips on how to look after and keep your fish in tip-top condition •Expert guides to fish species – tropical marine, and both cold and tropical freshwater •Expert advice on aquascaping In short: every issue of PFK includes features on inspirational fish species and aquariums, with instruction on how to care for them, where to buy them, and which products they will need to stay healthy and happy. "

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