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Top Santé is the health magazine for midlife women who want to maximise their wellbeing. We cover the best in beauty, fitness, nutrition and mental wellness to help you stay looking and feeling great. We bring you the latest information on wellbeing, fitness, food and beauty, empowering you to make informed choices. HEALTH: Easy ways to improve everything from gut, brain and joint health, to balancing your hormones. PSYCHOLOGY: Reduce stress, improve your sleep, tap in to inner calm to feel happier and more relaxed. FITNESS: Learn how easy it can be to fit exercise into your day to feel energised and strong and toned. BEAUTY: Discover the latest rejuvenating skincare, haircare and body products to glow on the outside and stay younger for longer. FOOD & DRINK: Tuck in to healthy meals, snacks and smoothies with our nutritious recipes and top new products. We also include annual beauty awards showcasing the best skincare, haircare and bodycare for 40+ women. Top Santé turns 30 in March, 2023.

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